Voll und bei

Jonas Maas

24.01.2015 - 08.03.2015


The nautical term VOLL UND BEI (Full and By) describes the reaction of a sail to the direction of the wind. Depending on the strength of the wind, this flat, hanging surface can be filled with the wind and bulge outwards into space.

Jonas Maas’ works are modulations of stratification and formal variables. He thus creates a puzzle of systems, which overlay and oscillate between each other. The dimensions of his works do not pursue a coherent unity. Surfaces and reliefs alongside the illusionistic production of space are all conceived in relation to each other. Transparent fields are thus cut across by striking densities. The surfaces of the images are fractally ruptured by the properties of the paint applied. By stratifying the various layers, which can play out in any number of variations, he displaces the usual parameters of spatial perception.

The systematically employed forms are developed by Maas himself, and he continues to recombine them in any number of permutations as an experimental form of pattern matching with displaced indicators. Moreover, the images’ layers are not designed to be hermetic. Rather, they can be expanded in all possible dimensions. Each image thus becomes both a fragment and representative of a logical progression.