Solo Show

Hans-Peter Feldmann

28.10.2016 - 15.01.2017

Hans-Peter Feldmann’s works are born out of the a sense of immediacy. To illustrate this, his photographic series 100 Jahre (100 years) consists of 101 portraits of people from Feldmann’s circle of family, friends and acquaintances, each face representing a year of someone’s life. The chronological sequence begins with the eight week old Felina and ends with the one hundred-year old Maria Victoria.
Primarily however, Feldmann resorts to the mixed collection of already existing images. He arranges them afresh or challenges our visual habits by means of minimal humoristic interventions, and directs the focus towards trusted trivialities, thereby revealing the absurdity of our everydday. Stamps, bills and bread slices or the oil painting above grandmother’s sitting room suite: what those things have in common is that they are representations of an individual as well as a collective everyday and a commemorative culture that continuously constitute our reality. On the basis of reproductions and in a calculated manner, Feldmann illuminates the production of values and the normativity of art. He considers his own artistic authorship, which he deliberately keeps in the background, to be a part of it. By refusing to sign, limit and date his works he undermines the dogmas of the art market and boycotts the desire for the unique and rare item.