Alex Wissel


08.11.2019 - 19.01.2020
Opening: 8th November, 6pm

Does the Federal Republic of Germany suffer from a "thymotic undersupply"?

Do the citizens lack the courage to get angry?

Marc Jongen, AFD member and former philosophy lecturer and assistant to Peter Sloterdijk at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe, diagnoses "the Europeans" poverty of anger and rage.

Thymos is an ancient Greek word whose meaning fluctuates between courage, anger, and indignation. Thymos is a crucial component of Jongen's political-philosophical profile of the AfD.
The exhibition series Thymostraining, conceived by Alex Wissel and beginning in Düsseldorf, is a targeted examination of the political strategies, cultural appropriations and historical interpretations of new right-wingers. What are the origins of nationalist identity formation in Germany? Alex Wissel has developed drawings, sculptures, a film program and a lecture day for the exhibition in the Philara Collection, which will deal with the construction and legitimation of identitarian movements.
Wissel sees in them a conscious resumption of traditions based on historical stagings of the 19th century, the aim of which was to legitimize a nationalist military state by artistic means. Alex Wissel analyzes these appropriation strategies, examines the historical placement, and refers to the places that serve as the backdrop.